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Der Bayerische Landesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz; Stand: 21.05.2021

Prof. Dr. Thomas Petri

Prof. Dr. Thomas Petri has been the Bavarian Data Protection Commissioner since July 1st 2009 elected by the Bavarian State Parliament.

My Mission

Bayerisches Staatswappen

Data protection is a fundamental right. It is an essential part of your right to protection of your personal freedom and a prerequisite for our liberal democratic state. You, as the data subject, have data protection rights. For example, you have the right to demand information held by public authorities concerning the collection and the use of data relating to you. You may also request that illegally stored or no longer required data is deleted.

My mission is to help you enforce these rights against public authorities and government agencies. If an official denies you your privacy rights, I can investigate your complaint. I can also carry out investigations at the data storage authorities independent of complaints. I advise legislators and the administration on the development of data protection-compliant solutions.

In fulfilling my duties, I am independent and not bound by any directives to anyone.


In Bavaria, the independent data protection supervisory authority for the non-public/private sector, for example for companies and other associations like clubs, is the Data Protection Authority of Bavaria for the Private Sector (BayLDA). Contact details and further information can be found at https://www.lda.bayern.de/en/ (external link).