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Der Bayerische Landesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz; Stand: 16.05.2023

Newsletter "Privacy in Bavaria"

The Bavarian Data Protection Commissioner provides the newsletter "Privacy in Bavaria" from mid-2022 which will draw attention to current court decisions, publications from the data protection supervisory authorities and other sources relevant to Bavarian public bodies.

With a view to his function to represent the German Laender in the European Data Protection Board, the Bavarian Data Protection Commissioner also informs interested parties from other EU member states about developments in the area of privacy law in the German public sector with an English version of the newsletter.

"Privacy in Bavaria" is published at irregular intervals. The newsletter is for information purposes only; what is mentioned there is not necessarily the opinion of the Bavarian Data Protection Commissioner.

The newsletter is not only available on this website, it can also be subscribed. To comply with the principle of data minimisation, the Bavarian Data Protection Commissioner does not offer personalised dispatch by e-mail. However, you have the option of using the RSS feed; in this case, in example your e-mail client will ensure a regular flow of information. You can find more information on the RSS feed at https://www.datenschutz-bayern.de/static/rss.html.

  • Privacy in Bavaria 1_2022 (Juni | June) (DEU (PDF) | ENG (PDF))
  • Privacy in Bavaria 2_2022 (Juli | July) (DEU (PDF) | ENG (PDF))
  • Privacy in Bavaria 3_2022 (August | August) (DEU (PDF) | ENG (PDF))
  • Privacy in Bavaria 4_2022 (September | September) (DEU (PDF) | ENG (PDF))
  • Privacy in Bavaria 5_2022 (Oktober | October) (DEU (PDF) | ENG (PDF))
  • Privacy in Bavaria 6_2022 (November | November) (DEU (PDF) | ENG (PDF))
  • Privacy in Bavaria 7_2022 (Dezember | December) (DEU (PDF) | ENG (PDF))
  • Privacy in Bavaria 1_2023 (Januar | January) (DEU (PDF) | ENG (PDF))
  • Privacy in Bavaria 2_2023 (März | March) (DEU (PDF) | ENG (PDF))
  • Privacy in Bavaria 3_2023 (April | April) (DEU (PDF) | ENG (PDF))
  • Privacy in Bavaria 4_2023 (Mai | May) (DEU (PDF) | ENG (PDF))
  • Privacy in Bavaria 5_2023 (Juni | June) (DEU (PDF) | ENG (PDF))
  • Privacy in Bavaria 6_2023 (August | August) (DEU (PDF) | ENG (PDF))
  • Privacy in Bavaria 7_2023 (September | September) (DEU (PDF) | ENG (PDF))