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Der Bayerische Landesbeauftragte für den Datenschutz; Stand: 29.07.2022

RSS Feeds

The Bavarian Data Protection Commissioner offers various RSS feeds to keep you informed about new content on his website. This is intended to take the requirement of data minimisation into account as much as possible, since in contrast to a newsletter, you do not have to provide any contact details to use the service.

There are various technical options for receiving RSS feeds. The simplest is to integrate it into an e-mail client with the corresponding functionality, such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird. The e-mail client then retrieves the latest news at predefined intervals and makes them available to you in a folder like new e-mails. Instructions can be found, for example, on the support pages of the providers.

The Bavarian Data Protection Commissioner offers the following RSS feeds:

RSS https://www.datenschutz-bayern.de/rss/inhalte.xml informs about all news on the website of the Bavarian Data Protection Commissioner,,

RSS https://www.datenschutz-bayern.de/rss/datenschutzreform2018.xml limits the flow of information to news in the section "Datenschutzreform 2018 (Data Protection Reform 2018)",

RSS https://www.datenschutz-bayern.de/rss/pressemeldung.xml to the current press releases and

RSS https://www.datenschutz-bayern.de/rss/newsletter.xml to the current issue of the newsletter.